We transformed Breakaway's website to match its vibrant ministry. They now have a engaging front door for new students, a better way to connect with students, and a compelling give page for donors.

Project Overview

Breakaway is a vibrant ministry for college students in Texas. They are reaching thousands of students in-person each week, but they were missing an effective website for reaching new students. Their website also failed to paint an inspiring picture for potential donors who financially support the ministry.

We worked with Breakaway to a create custom website that not only looks great, but is also engaging. Their new website makes it easier than ever for students to join Breakaway’s community. It also has an impactful experience that engages donors and drives more generosity. We also implemented a new way for Breakaway to communicate with students by implementing a SMS service.

Here's Breakaway's old homepage.

The Front Door

Breakaway’s website lacked a focused message and thoughtful design for engaging students. Because of that, they were missing out on inviting more students into the Breakaway community where they can meet Jesus.

What was Wrong
  1. Their website lacked an effective call to action for students. Giving visitors no guidance for what they should do next.
  2. Their website lacked compelling design site-wide. Boring.
  3. Their website was missing the opportunity to capture student’s contact details such as an email address or cell phone number.

our solution
  1. We created a consistent call-to-action leading to a visit page that makes it seamless for students to visit Breakaway for the first time.
  2. We implemented design elements that are engaging and build upon their new brand.
  3. We found and integrated a solution to capture student’s cell phone numbers so Breakaway can now communicate directly with students.

“We are so excited about the launch. It looks incredible. The fact that y'all build awesome websites with the ability for the user to edit in an easy way is amazing. Glad y'all get to be part of what God is doing here in Texas!” - Shelby Holloway, Breakaway Ministries

Here's Breakaway's new homepage

Inspire Generosity

Breakaway relies on the generosity of donors for its ministry, but their website failed to effectively display why someone should give. We revamped their give page with stats and stories to inspire generosity.

Breakaway's old give page..

What was Wrong
  1. Their give page lacked compelling messaging directed at donors.
  2. Their give page didn't display the true impact that Breakaway has on countless student's lives.
  3. The page itself felt plain, boring, and uninspiring.

our solution
  1. We coached them to tailor all messaging to speak to donors.
  2. We implemented stories and stats to show the impact of Breakaway has on students' lives.
  3. We created compelling design elements and imagery.

“Not to be dramatic, but I’ve never loved a website so much in my life. Love how the site looks on both desktop and mobile. The voice sounds perfect, it’s informative, and overall just beautiful. You guys knocked this out of the park.” - Everett Francis, Rainhouse Media

Breakaway's new give page


Breakaway's new website better reflects their ministry and in return is more inviting for new students. They now have a visit page that helps new students find their place. They also now have a compelling give page that provides a better picture of the impact donors' generosity has on students' lives.

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“Not to be dramatic, but I’ve never loved a website so much in my life.”