Best Practices for Sunday Announcements

May 6, 2024

Your church has a lot going on. How do you utilize announcements on Sunday so they're effective for your community?

Your church has a lot going on. Events, new ministries, groups, worship nights, and probably a lot more. How do people find out about these things? Probably through your Sunday announcements. With that said, if you’re not careful, people are probably tuning out during your announcements. In this post, we’ll share some best practices to ensure that your Sunday announcements are engaging, informative, and memorable.

Keep it Concise

When delivering announcements during Sunday services, it's essential to keep them concise and to the point. Avoid lengthy monologues that may lose the attention of your congregation. Instead, focus on highlighting the key information such as event dates, times, and locations. Aim to deliver announcements in under two minutes to maintain engagement.

Use Story

Are people checking out during announcements? It's probably because they're boring. By weaving story, like a testimony, in your Sunday announcements, you can tap into the deeper meaning of why someone should care about that announcement.

Prioritize Relevance

Are you announcing from stage every single thing that's happening at your church? If so, you'll quickly find people pulling out their phones to check football scores instead of paying attention. Instead, prioritize announcements that are relevant to the majority of your community. If the announcement isn’t relevant to two-thirds of the room, then it shouldn't be an announcement. By doing this, you’ll create trust with your community. They'll learn that if it's being announced then it's important and relevant to them. In return they will more likely stay tuned in during that time. Side note: In order to be more selected in your Sunday announcements, you’ll need to utilize other segmented communication channels, such as email newsletters, social media, or other channels. Otherwise you'll feel like you need to announce every single thing from stage.

Utilize your Church Website

If you’re about to direct your whole church community towards your website to RSVP or learn more about an announcement, your church website better be ready. You want to make sure all the right information is easy to find, especially on mobile devices. It’s also great to consider having a next steps hub on your website to host all relevant action steps in one place. We've created a page like this for Reach and Brooklake. Check them out.

Create Clear Actionable Steps

Make it clear to your congregation what action, if any, they need to take in response to each announcement. Whether it's registering for an event, signing up for a volunteer opportunity, or simply marking their calendars, provide clear and concise instructions on how to get involved. With that, don't give them three options as an action step. All too often churches will say "you can sign up on our website, or through a connect card, or text, or use the QR code.” This creates confusion and fatigue. Instead, give them one option (two max) so it's very clear what they need to do.

Schedule Strategically

Consider the timing and placement of your announcements within the order of service. Aim to place announcements at a point where the congregation is most attentive and receptive, such as before or after the sermon. Avoid sandwiching important announcements between unrelated segments, as this may reduce their impact.

Follow Up

After delivering announcements during Sunday services, follow up with additional communication channels to reinforce the message. Utilize email newsletters, social media platforms, or your church website to provide more detailed information, reminders, and updates regarding upcoming events and initiatives.


Effective Sunday announcements are an essential tool for keeping your congregation informed, engaged, and connected. By implementing these best practices, you can ensure that your announcements resonate with attendees and inspire them to take action.

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